Typhoon Hanamanor has Hit the Island of South Korean

Typhoon Hanamanor has Hit the Island of South Korean

As a result of this incident one person missing. Due to strong winds and heavy rain hundreds of flights were canceled in South Korea.

Electricity was cut off in 20,000 home, schools and various businesses were also closed.

In Japan, the effects of the storm were also felt and train services were affected in addition to flights. Due to typhoon Hanamanor, heavy rains are continuing in South Korea’s southern island and 600 schools across South Korea have been closed.

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Businesses have closed in the affected areas and 250 domestic flights have been canceled. Now the storm is headed towards Japan and 35,000 home have lost power in the southwestern Kyushu region. Train services including the bullet train were also canceled while 120 flights were halted due to strong winds.

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