Finding unique ideas for restaurant posts on Facebook is a difficult task. Getting your Restaurant’s fans on Facebook to respond to your posts can be more challenging nowadays. It’s also more important today than ever.

News feeds are getting overwhelmed with fresh content every minute.

How can you make your Restaurant’s Facebook pages seen by your patrons? Two methods. You can buy ads or create content that customers like and want to engage with.

The more people engage with your posts, the more they will notice them. Making your Facebook posts visible more often will result in that you will have more customers at your Restaurant click here.

Below are fifteen Restaurant Facebook post ideas that can increase your posts’ engagement.


Making sure you post at the most appropriate time of day can significantly impact how many people can view and interact with the content you share.

Between 1 and 4 pm, graphic postings get the most average click-through rate. The most effective day to publish is Wednesday, particularly at 3 pm, while the least effective time is on weekends before 8 am and after 8 pm.

On weekdays, people are usually engaged in work in the morning but are more likely to become bored and check Facebook during the afternoon. This is why between 1 pm and 4 pm is an excellent time to post between lunch and their journey home.


The power of telling stories is because people often can relate to them, making them feel connected on the level of a personal one.

Be on the lookout for when something exciting or funny occurs in the Restaurant, and ensure you take photos. These stories could be the most engaging blog posts ever.


People love recipes. They also love sharing the recipes with their loved ones.

If you’ve been browsing Facebook, you’ve seen many, most probably from Tasty. They have over 85 million fans on their Facebook page.

Ideas for Facebook posts on restaurants are difficult to gain attention, but videos are almost always successful. Create a short video or an article on your blog that features one of your recipes, and post it on Facebook and other social media platforms. Check out what Tasty is doing well with its blog posts and take its ideas as inspiration to create your own.


Every Restaurant claims to offer the best food you’ll ever taste. But how many will believe this when it’s from the chef or owner? They’d be far more interested in what other food critics had to say.

Check for positive reviews about your Restaurant. Find positive reviews of your Restaurant on Facebook or Yelp. Trip Advisor and anywhere else that your Restaurant’s name is on the internet. Post the most favorable reviews on Facebook by providing a picture and a direct URL for the study. Reward the customer who left the review, and give them a complimentary dessert the next time they dine in your Restaurant.

Make sure to write a blog post when your establishment is evaluated by an editor in the local paper or on the internet followerspro.


Facebook is a fantastic platform for sharing exclusive offers. You can offer your users a special deal by letting them follow your page on Facebook and share the offer with their contacts.

Use the Facebook coupon app to create coupons and quickly track your offer’s success. This could be among the most famous Restaurant Facebook post suggestions.

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