Chikkadu Dorakadu Full Movie Movierulz: A Must-Watch Action-Comedy Film

Chikkadu Dorakadu Full Movie Movierulz: A Must-Watch Action-Comedy Film

If you are looking for a perfect blend of action and comedy, then Chikkadu Dorakadu is the movie for you. Directed by Mysskin, this Tamil film was released in 2015 and has been a favorite among audiences ever since. The movie is available on Movierulz, a popular online platform for streaming movies. In this article, we will take a closer look at Chikkadu Dorakadu and why it is a must-watch movie.

Section 1: Plot

Chikkadu Dorakadu revolves around the life of a pickpocket named Arul (played by Shanthanu Bhagyaraj). Arul is a skilled pickpocket who steals from the rich to help the poor. One day, he steals a bag from a gangster named Tony (played by Ashok Selvan), which contains a valuable item. Tony is furious and sets out to find Arul and get his bag back. Meanwhile, Arul falls in love with a girl named Viji (played by Parvathy Nair). The rest of the movie follows Arul as he tries to evade Tony and win the heart of Viji.

The plot of Chikkadu Dorakadu is engaging and keeps the audience hooked till the end. The movie is filled with action-packed sequences and hilarious moments that make it an entertaining watch.

Section 2: Cast and Performances

The cast of Chikkadu Dorakadu includes some of the most talented actors in the Tamil film industry. Shanthanu Bhagyaraj delivers a brilliant performance as Arul. He perfectly portrays the character’s wit, charm, and vulnerability. Parvathy Nair is equally impressive as Viji. She brings a refreshing energy to the movie and shares great chemistry with Shanthanu.

Ashok Selvan, who plays the antagonist Tony, is menacing and convincing in his role. His performance adds an extra layer of intensity to the movie. Other supporting actors like Prithviraj Das and Sathish also deliver noteworthy performances.

Section 3: Direction and Cinematography

Mysskin’s direction is one of the highlights of Chikkadu Dorakadu. He has done an excellent job of balancing the action and comedy elements of the movie. The pacing of the movie is perfect, and the transitions between scenes are seamless. Mysskin’s attention to detail is evident in every frame of the movie.

The cinematography by Balaji V Rangha is another aspect that deserves praise. The movie is shot beautifully, and the camera work captures the essence of each scene perfectly. The action sequences are choreographed brilliantly, and the camera work adds to the intensity of these scenes.

Section 4: Music and Soundtrack

The music and soundtrack of Chikkadu Dorakadu are composed by K. It features a mix of peppy numbers and soulful melodies that add to the overall charm of the movie. The songs are well-placed in the movie and do not disrupt the flow of the story.

The sound design by Kunal Rajan is also noteworthy. The sound effects add to the impact of the action sequences and make them more immersive.


Chikkadu Dorakadu is a perfect example of a well-made action-comedy movie. It has all the elements that make for an entertaining watch – a gripping plot, talented actors, excellent direction, and beautiful cinematography. The movie is available on Movierulz, making it easily accessible to audiences worldwide. If you are looking for a movie that will keep you entertained from start to finish, then Chikkadu Dorakadu is a must-watch.

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