What Happened to John Fricke on 92.9 The Game?

What Happened to John Fricke on 92.9 The Game?

For years, John Fricke was a familiar voice to Atlanta sports fans as the morning host of 92.9 The Game. However, in recent months, there have been some changes at the station that have left many wondering what happened to Fricke and where he is now. In this article, we will explore the recent developments at 92.9 The Game and what they mean for Fricke’s future.

The Morning Shift Takes Over

In March of 2023, 92.9 The Game announced that it would be debuting a new morning show called The Morning Shift [1]. The show would feature Tiffany Blackmon, Mike Johnson, and Beau Morgan as hosts, and it was set to begin airing later that month. This announcement left many wondering what would happen to Fricke, who had been hosting the morning show up until that point.What Happened to John Fricke on 92.9 The Game?

It wasn’t long before the station clarified Fricke’s role in the new lineup. According to an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fricke would be moving to a new, undefined role at the station [3]. This news was somewhat surprising given that Fricke had been a fixture on the morning show for years. However, it seemed that the station was eager to try something new with its lineup.What Happened to John Fricke on 92.9 The Game?

Fricke’s New Role

So, what exactly is Fricke’s new role at 92.9 The Game? Unfortunately, there haven’t been many details released about what he will be doing at the station going forward. It’s possible that he will be taking on a behind-the-scenes role, such as producing or managing other shows on the station. Alternatively, he may be moving to a different time slot or even a different station altogether.

Despite the lack of information about Fricke’s new role, it’s clear that he is still a valued member of the 92.9 The Game team. In an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, station program director Terry Foxx praised Fricke’s contributions to the station over the years [3]. Foxx also hinted that Fricke’s new role would allow him to take on new challenges and continue to grow as a broadcaster.

The Future of 92.9 The Game

The changes at 92.9 The Game are part of a larger trend in the radio industry, as stations look for new ways to attract listeners and stay relevant in an increasingly crowded media landscape. With the rise of podcasts, streaming services, and social media, traditional radio stations are facing more competition than ever before.

However, 92.9 The Game seems to be adapting well to these changes. The Morning Shift has been well-received by listeners so far, and the station continues to be a go-to source for sports news and analysis in the Atlanta area. As for Fricke, it’s clear that he still has a bright future in broadcasting, even if his role at 92.9 The Game has changed.


In conclusion, John Fricke’s departure from the morning show at 92.9 The Game was a surprise to many fans of the station. However, it’s clear that Fricke is still a valued member of the team and that he will continue to play an important role in the station’s future. As for The Morning Shift, it seems to be off to a strong start, and listeners can expect more great content from 92.9 The Game in the years to come.


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