Bad Trump-Adjacent Weirdos Delight Meyers

Bad Trump-Adjacent Weirdos Delight Meyers

Late-night television has always been a platform for comedians to provide a satirical take on current events and political figures. Seth Meyers, the host of “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” has been particularly adept at using his platform to critique the Trump administration and its allies. In recent years, Meyers has found a wealth of material in what can only be described as “bad Trump-adjacent weirdos.” These individuals, often associated with the former president or his circle, have provided Meyers with endless comedic fodder. Let’s delve into some of the most memorable characters that have delighted Meyers and his audience.

The Rudy Giuliani Show: A Masterclass in Absurdity

One of the most prominent figures in the Trump-adjacent weirdo universe is none other than Rudy Giuliani. Once revered as “America’s Mayor” for his leadership during the 9/11 attacks, Giuliani’s descent into absurdity has been both baffling and entertaining. Meyers has taken full advantage of Giuliani’s outlandish behavior, from his infamous press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping to his questionable hair dye mishap during a hearing on election fraud.

Giuliani’s role as Trump’s personal lawyer during the 2020 election added another layer of hilarity to his already colorful persona. Meyers has expertly dissected Giuliani’s legal arguments, often highlighting their lack of substance and coherence. The former mayor’s bizarre conspiracy theories and baseless claims have become a staple of Meyers’ monologues, leaving audiences in stitches.

Michael Cohen: From Fixer to Informant

Another character who has captivated Meyers’ attention is Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney. Cohen’s transformation from loyal fixer to federal informant provided Meyers with ample material to explore the inner workings of the Trump organization. Cohen’s public testimony before Congress, where he detailed his involvement in hush money payments and other questionable activities, became a goldmine for Meyers’ comedic commentary.

Meyers has skillfully highlighted the irony of Cohen’s situation, as he went from being Trump’s trusted confidant to a key witness cooperating with federal investigations. The host has also pointed out the absurdity of Cohen’s attempts to rebrand himself as a truth-teller and advocate for justice. Meyers’ incisive analysis of Cohen’s actions has shed light on the complexities and contradictions within the Trump orbit.

The Bizarre World of Roger Stone

Roger Stone, a longtime political operative and friend of Trump, has long been known for his eccentric personality and controversial tactics. Stone’s flamboyant fashion choices, including his signature wide-brimmed hats, have made him an easy target for Meyers’ comedic jabs. But it is Stone’s involvement in the 2016 election and subsequent legal troubles that have truly fascinated Meyers.

Stone’s conviction on charges of lying to Congress and witness tampering provided Meyers with ample material to explore the dark underbelly of Trump’s inner circle. The host has masterfully dissected Stone’s connections to WikiLeaks and his alleged role in coordinating with Russian hackers during the election. Meyers’ ability to navigate the complex web of Stone’s activities while injecting humor into his analysis has made for compelling late-night television.

The Enigma of QAnon

No exploration of bad Trump-adjacent weirdos would be complete without mentioning the enigma that is QAnon. This far-right conspiracy theory, which gained traction during the Trump presidency, posits that a secret cabal of pedophiles and deep-state actors is working against the former president. Meyers has taken on the task of debunking and ridiculing this baseless conspiracy theory, often highlighting its dangerous implications.

Meyers’ segments on QAnon have provided viewers with a critical analysis of the movement’s origins and its impact on American politics. The host has skillfully exposed the absurdity of QAnon’s claims while emphasizing the real-world consequences of its spread. By shining a light on this fringe movement, Meyers has played a crucial role in debunking misinformation and promoting critical thinking.


Late-night television has always been a platform for comedians to provide social and political commentary. Seth Meyers, with his sharp wit and incisive analysis, has found a treasure trove of material in the realm of bad Trump-adjacent weirdos. From Giuliani’s absurd press conferences to Cohen’s transformation from fixer to informant, Meyers has expertly dissected the actions and personalities of these individuals. Through his comedic lens, Meyers has not only entertained his audience but also shed light on the complexities and contradictions within the Trump orbit.