A Critique of Palanisamy Vathiyar Movie

A Critique of Palanisamy Vathiyar Movie

Palanisamy Vathiyar is a 2019 Indian Tamil-language film that was written, directed and co-produced by Bala. The film stars Dhanush and G. V. Prakash Kumar in the lead roles, with Megha Akash, Yogi Babu and Rajendran in supporting roles. The movie was praised for its performances, direction and editing. It has created a loyal fan base and is touted as one of the best Tamil movies of 2019. In this critique, we will be examining the film’s elements such as the plot, direction, performances and more, to research its success and lasting impression.

Overview of the film

Palanisamy Vathiyar is the story of a brave villager determined to protect his village from a land mafia who wants to control it for their own gain. Dhanush who plays the role of Palanisamy Vathiyar is up against a powerful gang of villains.

The movie provides some iconic action sequences as he fights to protect the safety of villagers and his family. The movie also features a romance angle between the lead and his love interest, which helps to soften the intense action sequences and allows the audience to engage with the film more.

The Plot and Direction

The plot of Palanisamy Vathiyar is captivating and sets the tone for the movie right from the beginning. The character of Palanisamy Vathiyar is well written and the audience can easily relate to him. The movie is fast-paced and Director Bala ensures that he captivates the audience throughout with some amazing action sequences and entertaining dialogues. The movie does not suffer from any lags or lose focus, making it a must-watch for any fan of Tamil cinema.


The movie is elevated by the performances of the lead stars. Dhanush as Palanisamy Vathiyar steals the show with his brilliantly nuanced performance. He is able to convey the emotions of his character with great accuracy, which adds to the overall success of the movie. G. V. Prakash Kumar is also exceptional in his role, and the outstanding chemistry between the two lead stars adds to the audience’s enjoyment.


The music of the film adds to its overall charm. The songs are emotionally charged and are well-placed in the movie. The soundtrack is catchy and stays with the audience long after the movie is over.

Technical Elements

The technical aspects of the movie are up to the mark. The cinematography of the movie captures the old-world charm of the village while the editing ensures that there is a great pace to the movie. The action scenes are shot well and give the audience an adrenaline rush.

Cultural Impact

The movie has gained a significant cult following among Tamil cinema fans. It was able to make an impression on its release and has been widely praised for its original story and Dhanush’s performance. The movie has also generated a discussion around the issues of land grabbing which is commendable.


Palanisamy Vathiyar is a must-watch for any Tamil movie fan. The story, direction, performances and music all combine to make this movie a classic in its own right. With its intense action sequences, emotionally charged story, and iconic performances, Palanisamy Vathiyar is an example of how a movie should be made. It is an enjoyable watch for the entire family, and one that can be revisited time and time again.

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