Imli Ullu Web Series Streams Online: A Comprehensive Guide

Imli Ullu Web Series Streams Online: A Comprehensive Guide

Imli Ullu is the latest web series streaming online and has gained a lot of attention in the recent days. It is an Indian romantic drama directed and written by Gaurav Mishra and produced by Ullu App. The series revolves around a young couple, Aarush and Tamanna, and the struggles they go through in life.

It is a story of love, friendship, betrayal, and the ultimate test of faith. In this guide, we will explore the plot, characters, streaming options, and more about Imli Ullu web series.


The plot of the Imli Ullu web series revolves around Aarush and Tamanna, who have been in love for a long time. Aarush is a young entrepreneur and Tamanna is a student in a prestigious college. As their relationship progresses, they face a number of challenges. Tamanna’s parents are against their relationship and try to break them apart. Aarush is also faced with the challenge of balancing his entrepreneurial career and his relationship. Despite all the obstacles they face, they continue to stand by each other and fight for their love.


The main characters of the series are Aarush and Tamanna. Aarush is played by Devansh Doshi and Tamanna is played by Simran Kaur. The supporting cast includes actors like Shubham Tiwari, Ankit Arora, Nishaad Jain, and Ayesha Raza.

The series also features some guest appearances by well-known actors like Aamna Sharif, Rajesh Kumar, and Aman Verma.

Streaming Options

The Imli Ullu web series is available to stream online on Ullu App. After the trial period, users can choose to purchase a monthly subscription for access to all the content on the platform. The series is also available to stream on other OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video and ZEE5.

Final Thoughts

Imli Ullu is an exciting web series that explores the relationship between two young individuals and the challenges they face in life. The series has an engaging plot and stellar performances from the cast. It is a must-watch for those who are looking for a romantic drama.

With streaming options available on multiple OTT platforms, viewers can easily access the series and enjoy it at their convenience.


Imli Ullu has been a highly anticipated web series that has finally released online. It is sure to provide viewers with some exciting new content and hours of entertainment. The series has an impressive cast of well-known actors, and the story looks to be an exciting one. We are sure that viewers will be hooked as soon as they start watching the show. Make sure to check out Imli Ullu and experience the drama, romance, and action for yourself.

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