Jumia Africa COCEO Kenneth okofor Joins Techcrunch

Jumia Africa COCEO Kenneth okofor Joins Techcrunch

Jumia Africa, the leading e-commerce company in Africa, is proud to announce that their Chief Operating Officer (COCEO), Kenneth Okofor, has joined Techcrunch Africa as a contributor. The African tech news outlet is renowned for its coverage of the African tech industry, boasting a large network of influential contributors. As a member of this network, Kenneth brings his extensive experience in the e-commerce development and digital transformation industries to ensure the African tech space remains competitive on an international level. This article will provide an insight into Kenneth’s background, his journey to Techcrunch Africa, and his vision for the future.

Kenneth’s Background

Kenneth Okofor has a wealth of experience in developing innovative digital strategies and business solutions. His career began in the banking industry, where he worked in a variety of roles ranging from analyst, to digital product manager, to COO. During this time, he acquired a wealth of knowledge about digital product development and analytics, which laid the groundwork for his future endeavors.

After leaving the banking industry, Kenneth went on to work for a number of companies in the technology, media, and telecommunications sectors, where he was involved in a range of projects from large-scale product development to marketing and growth initiatives.

Jumia Africa & Kenneth

In 2018, Kenneth joined the African e-commerce giant Jumia as the Chief Operating Officer (COCEO). During his tenure, he implemented several initiatives to boost Jumia’s competitive edge in the e-commerce space, including the development of a comprehensive data insights platform and the creation of a cross-country legal support network.

In addition, Kenneth was responsible for driving the company’s digital and mobile transformation journey, which included the successful launch of the Jumia mobile app and the expansion of the company’s digital payments processing infrastructure.

Kenneth Joins Techcrunch Africa

Kenneth is now taking his expertise in digital product development and analysis to Techcrunch Africa, where he is joining the network of thought-leaders who are helping shape the future of the African tech industry. As a contributor, he will provide insight on the latest developments in the African tech scene, as well as provide commentary on emerging trends and opportunities.

In addition, Kenneth will help Techcrunch Africa discover new technologies, products, and business models that can be used to maximize the potential of the African tech ecosystem.

Kenneth’s Vision For The Future

Kenneth believes that the African tech space is on the cusp of a transformative period, with the potential to drive innovation and disrupt the traditional models of business and commerce. He believes that the continent has the potential to be a major player in the global tech arena, with the right combination of investment and strategic partnerships.

Kenneth is confident that through the sharing of knowledge and resources, the African tech scene can become a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, creating jobs and opportunities for the next generation of African leaders.


Jumia Africa has emerged as an innovative leader in the African online marketplace, uniting both regional and international stakeholders. The recently launched Jumia Keneo platform is an example of the company’s commitment to creating a digital platform that allows African customers to buy, sell, and trade goods with ease and convenience.

Through both Jumia and Keneo, Jumia Africa is proving to be a major player in the African digital economy, contributing to its growth and development.

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