Cyrus Beschloss is a young entrepreneur and founder of College Reaction, a polling and research firm that focuses on gathering insights from college students. With a background in political science and a passion for understanding the opinions and perspectives of young people, Beschloss has made significant strides in the field of youth polling. This article will delve into Beschloss’s background, his work with College Reaction, and the impact he has had on understanding the views of college students.


Cyrus Beschloss, the son of renowned American historian Michael Beschloss[1], has carved out his own path in the world of politics and research. Born and raised in Palo Alto, California, Beschloss developed an early interest in political science and public opinion. He pursued his education at Stanford University, where he founded College Reaction during his undergraduate years.

The Founding of College Reaction

College Reaction was established by Cyrus Beschloss three years ago as a platform to gather and analyze the opinions of college students. The firm aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the thoughts and attitudes of this demographic, which is often underrepresented in traditional polling methods. Through its innovative approach, College Reaction has become a leading source of insights into the minds of young people.

Methodology and Impact

College Reaction employs a unique methodology to collect data from college students. Rather than relying solely on traditional survey methods, Beschloss and his team utilize a combination of online surveys and in-person interviews to capture a diverse range of perspectives. This approach allows for a more nuanced understanding of the issues that matter most to college students.

The impact of College Reaction’s work cannot be understated. By focusing specifically on college students, Beschloss has shed light on the attitudes and beliefs of a demographic that is often overlooked in mainstream polling. The firm’s research has been cited by numerous media outlets and has provided valuable insights into the political, social, and economic concerns of young people.

Future Endeavors

As College Reaction continues to grow, Beschloss remains committed to expanding the firm’s reach and impact. He aims to further refine the methodology used to gather data from college students and explore new avenues for understanding their perspectives. Additionally, Beschloss has expressed an interest in collaborating with other organizations and researchers to deepen the understanding of youth opinions on a global scale.


Cyrus Beschloss’s work with College Reaction has brought much-needed attention to the opinions and perspectives of college students. Through his innovative approach to polling, Beschloss has provided valuable insights into the thoughts and attitudes of young people, who are often underrepresented in traditional polling methods. As he continues to make strides in the field of youth research, Beschloss’s impact on understanding the views of college students will undoubtedly continue to grow.