Chris Jones Trade Ideas

Chris Jones Trade Ideas

Inter-Conference Trade

One potential scenario could involve a trade with an NFC team looking to bolster their defensive line. Teams like the New York Giants, who have had struggles on defense, might consider making a move for a disruptive force like Jones. In return, the Chiefs could seek draft picks and possibly a young defensive player to fill the void.

Package Deal

Sometimes, teams bundle players together to execute a trade. For instance, the Chiefs might pair Chris Jones with another player to acquire multiple assets. Perhaps a deal with the Miami Dolphins, who might be willing to part with a combination of picks and a player to strengthen their defensive front, could be explored.

Cap Space Adjustment

Given the salary cap implications of a player like Jones, a trade could be centered around cap relief for the Chiefs. A trade with a team like the Indianapolis Colts, who have cap space available, might involve a restructuring of contracts or player swaps to accommodate Jones while giving the Chiefs financial flexibility.

Multi-Team Trade

Sometimes, multiple teams get involved in a trade to satisfy various needs. In this case, a three-team trade involving Chris Jones could see him moving to a team like the Seattle Seahawks, who might be seeking defensive reinforcement. The Chiefs, in return, could receive draft capital from one team and a player from another to address different areas of their roster.

Future Draft Picks

The Chiefs might prioritize acquiring future draft picks in a Chris Jones trade to build for the long term. Teams like the Detroit Lions or Houston Texans, who could benefit from an impact player like Jones but are in a rebuilding phase, might be willing to part with future draft assets for immediate talent.


It’s important to note that these trade ideas are purely speculative and hypothetical. Actual trades involve numerous variables and negotiations, including player contracts, team needs, and future aspirations, which can significantly impact the outcome of any deal.